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ESCAPULARIO was established in 2000 by two fashion professionals travelling the world. Inspired by the plentiful jewellery they found in Brazil, here at Hoot we are thrilled to be presenting the collection of traditional bracelets and iconic scapulars.

Imbuya wood is almost exclusively used in all the wooden jewellery. This wood is retrieved from the Brazilian Peppertree, which grows in large plantations in Brazil. Imbuya is not a tropical wood, nor is it retrieved from protected trees. Escapulario use a significant part of the Imbuya wood grown from their own property, which lies in the green luscious south part of Brazil.

Sustainability and social responsibility have played an important role in Escapulario’s company philosophy. 50 Euro cents of every product sold goes toward helping orphanages and other charitable projects in Brazil.

We hope you love this collection as much as we do!



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